The end of the year is fast approaching, and at the turn of another digit the clock seems to speed up for me. It has been a rather challenging year on board the Libertad ship, with the Captain often sneaking downstairs on his own to down endless bottles of Rum on his ace, and leaving the crew to fend for themselves in stormy weather. But it seems like the worst is over….Sure i have had a couple of interesting freelance projects this year, but to date don’t feel like I have delivered my best work, yet.

This is a good thing. I feel like Usain Bolt has a good strategy…He is not going to run his best ever time on the first go.

I try and be a freelance web designer (pixel pirate really)……with cutting edge skills, but always have the “time” dilemma like so many of my piers. I don’t find myself with an endless amount of time for research or up skiling, so alot my learning is on the job and per project basis. Even though Cape Town is kinda sleepy, with a full time job and addiction to surfing, skateboarding & mountain biking it is often difficult to fit it all in. And so with all the other dramas in a 30 something’s life, your day becomes manic and finding a balance between all these elements i think, is what we need to strive for.

Social responsibilities, wife’s, girlfriends, kids, sport, work, downtime, drinking, running, home diy…..the list goes on. So when do we actually, so fukit, i need a break from this shit. I think whenever you feel like taking a break, you should….

Some people (like the long dead Inca’s) say the world is ending in December, so ask yourself this…

  • Have you clocked enough Hammock time?
  • Can you sign out with a smile?
  • Do you have more regrets than good memories?
  • Got any cool scars with even better stories to match?

Personally I don’t think its the end, but just in case they are right, better get on it…