Man, how did we get to November already? Is it just me or does it seem like time speeds up as you get older?
When I was a kid, I remember December did not just arrive. You waited and waited, and eventually, what seemed like 10 years back then, December holidays arrived. These days, you blink and its the end of the year. Some part of this “time-travel” phenomenon must be due to fact that we absolutely cram our lives with as much stuff as we can handle in one day. And then add some more. Multi tasking is a common concept now.

A new notion has dawned on me. Life does not get simpler, it gets more complicated as I grow older.
We live in the technology age of sorts, where we have a great deal of choice and information at our finger tips. Applications for every need you can possibly think of. Wikipedia and “how-to guides” on any topic you can think of, just punch it into Google with a few nifty keystrokes and clicks and magic. It all seems so idyllic on the surface, information freedom at your finger tips. But everything has a price right? What is the price we are paying for this information smorgasbord? I am bombarded by ads, app suggestions and recommendations, app updates, products, products updates, shopping sites, group buying discounts…and so on 24/7, for stuff I really don’t need.

A great deal of my day is spent in front of a monitor and keyboard, so it is inevitable that I venture elsewhere besides my work screens. Its so easy to get distracted. You click on one little link, and 60 minutes later you don’t have the faintest idea what you were busy with before. Try Reset yourself.

Could the price be a very short attention span, un-indexed, incapable of focusing on one thing for more than 2 minutes, scatter mind? It feels like that’s the price I am now paying after 15 years an internet user. I recently started studying again, and this in itself is challenging enough, my brain seems to have decided that it does not want to concentrate on any one thing for longer than a minute or so.

So yes we have IT, smart systems, phones, cars and fridges. We have the all mighty internet and Google. And don’t forget the social networks which is a topic for another rant altogether. We have so much information available to make informed decisions supposedly. The luxury which our parents never had.

So my question is this…

Are we better off or are we over cluttering our lives with information and choice?

Do we need to go on a regular Digital Detox in order to stay mentally healthy?

Legs in the Cederberg

Legs in the Cederberg


Getting properly lost in the Cederberg


Lunch and resting spot in the Cederberg

I know do, else the wheels start coming off.

The purpose of this post was actually to say I have launched 2 new client websites. Check them out should you feel the need to click.


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