I recently had to create a single WordPress Project Footprint page  (using an embedded Google Map) that displays custom markers and functional marker categories, all on one page. I really battled to find the correct solution because there are a lot of mapping, GEO software and WordPress Map Plugins on the internet. So below is how I solved it:


Create a single page with an embedded Google Map that displays a number of markers (posts locations) in different categories. The user needs to be able to switch some the categories on and off, depending on which markers they want displayed on the map.


The Solution in the end was fairly simple.

  • Firstly I had to install the WP GEO plugin and activate and configure this with my preferences.
  • Then I had to install the add-on plugin GEO Mashup which uses WP Geo’s logic  (note: you have to install the WP GEO in order to get mashup to work). There is a setting here that mentions post categories, be sure to tick this box as well.
  • Lastly you need to create your posts. post categories and assign a location to each post using the WP Geo options, in the post


  • You can style your Google Map before you embed it using Google Maps API Styled Map Wizard
  • You can also style the GEO Mashup filters using CSS which I would recommend

End Result:

wordpress map with markers