So I didn’t really get Pinterest for a long time….

I used to browse the web looking for cool pics that I can use in freelance web projects, print out,  or just look and stare at.
I would browse, find some and then save them to my Pictures folder under “cool pics” on my PC and Mac.
Then Dropbox came around and I started saving my internet pictures in the Dropbox pictures folder, which was great because now I had access to them no matter where I was or what computer I was using.

This had its limitations when browsing pics on someone else’s computer or sharing a particular picture with someone, because I had to log into Dropbox, click click click and before I could get to the picture I would have already lost interest. But I was generally happy enough to ignore and avoid another cloud service that would potentially send me annoying emails and prompts.

However my girlfriend started using Pinterest a few weeks ago, and she started me links to her Boards and Pins (and she is not tech savvy at all)

Suddenly I felt left out and very old school. 

So quite recently I decided to make a change to my browsing, picture saving hobby and make use of Pinterest

I still save some pics on my personal Dropbox folder, but it makes sense to “Pin” pics in certain categories while online and the ease of it is what actually converted me.
It really is so easy, and I installed a Chrome Add on, so I simply right-click and Pin….and that’s it.

Goodbye to the endless search through the Windows Explorer and Finder for now.