I am posting this from my phone, sitting at the airport waiting to catch my flight to Turkey for a 3 week trip filled with good times and adventure.

It was a tough year, but successful, with a record new 10 WordPress sites installed and custom themes designed . 10 might not be such an impressive number, but for a freelancer with a stressful day job i think its a good effort.

Oh I also completed 2 Opencart shopping websites, and a 3rd is waiting for me when i get back. But I must add I am not 100% sold on this platform and have been playing around with Shoppify as an alternative. It is becomes extremely difficult to do the smallest of things, like changing page / category layouts, which has frustrated me and also been burning time to try and figure out the already complicate file structure.

The other “good” problem i am beginning to have though, is every year i build more WordPress sites which is awesome, but that also means i have to support more clients every year and this might become an issue if I have a 100 sites to support. So far its manageable, but some thinking will have to go into this in 2013. Any ideas?

However right now, its time for kebabs and snowboarding. Yes Turkey has snowboarding. All of a sudden everything makes sense again