My question originally was this – why would you isolate yourself offline?


This got me thinking….what drives us to be social online?

  • Is it the possibility of more business
  • Does it fill a void otherwise absent in your real life
  • Is it to seem busy and active
  • Is it boredom
  • Are you in love with the internet and feeling connected to so many people
  • Does it make you feel popular
  • ….the list goes on

I have some friends who are very active onine, eagerly posting every single Instagram pic, status update or reporting where they are currently “checked in”.  The latter is also a kind of bragging right, if you are checking into the Ambassador Hotel or Hotel California, you want to let people know about it.

When u actually have some real news in any case. One of the drawbacks of being a “online content provider”(that is essentially what you are) was that all the big events had been convered. By me. Oh, I just got a new surfboard, or My Girlfriend is Pregnant…that kinda thing, which kind of takes the spontaneity and fun out of telling someone a story for the first time.  They already saw / read the big news. I am not saying its altogether bad, its great for friends, family who dont see each other much, im talking more in So what? Do I like my privacy? No not more than anyone else on the street, but now a couple of years later, I think I have fallen into the other category. I am an online Observer. I prefer to watch other people blurt away….I don’t like to report on what I am doing right now. Maybe I am doing something illegal. But if I dont like putting my opinions etc. out there, what the hell is the point of this post? I first got online I also eagerly posted away, putting every single picture and opinion online. Especially when I was travelling, then yo

It begs the question.










Sigmind you beauty.